Saturday, 1 October 2011

Use Abu Dhabi Apartments for Longer Duration of Stays

Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of infrastructure options to the people looking out to buy or lease various types of properties for commercial or for household purposes. This is so because the property rates are soaring high in Dubai and the next best alternative option lies within the city of Abu Dhabi. Both the cities are located in a close distance to each other. The exact flight journey is of only one twenty seven kilometers. This proximity shows that there are a lot of people who do up and down on quite a regular basis. After Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the next best place to be in. After all it is the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi is already a very captivating place and as such if a person wants to make a longer stay there then why not do so in a particular manner.  Abu Dhabi is located on an island which is in the form of the letter ‘T’ along the Arabian Gulf.  Being a federal capital and the center of government, it provides a lot of advantages to the people in the form of work, a good place to live and to just lead a quality life.  This really promotes the nationals to further pick up this emirate as their place of permanent residence. There are also many travelers who are on business tours that have to make a stay here. Such outsiders then prefer to stay in hotel Apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi. These Al Diar Abu Dhabi hotel apartments are very popular even among the family travelers that come on long vacations. There are many such places available for travelers to choose from.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

If you want to stay Economical -Rent an Apartment in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It is even popular for the number of business travelers. This is the reason one can see the influx of so many visitors to Abu Dhabi. The total population of the visiting community is quite large and is increasing day by day itself.  Abu Dhabi is located in a very strategic manner with the city of Dubai. It is also very close to the Dubai airport and as such there are so many tourists that are travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and vice-versa. This enables a very friendly commutation for the visitors. 

Dubai is already soaring high with the property rates and as such the next best option lies within the city of Abu Dhabi. Here the rates are not as high as compared to its neighboring cities. The people who do not want to or cannot apply for apartments in Dubai, can easily rent apartments in Abu Dhabi. These apartments are with all the facilities that are required by a person or a family. There are different kinds of Al Diar apartments in Abu Dhabi such as hotel apartments and other apartments. Hotel apartments are those apartments of the hotel where all the facilities are provided to the person which are otherwise provided to a guest staying in a hotel room with an added comfort of staying at own home. Lots of frequent travelers go in for such kind of accommodation facilities. This is far reasonable than staying in a hotel room as a guest. The other apartments are the normal apartments which are also rented by the people local or otherwise.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Abu Dhabi- A Surprising Destination for Travel Lovers

Abu Dhabi the Capital of UAE is a surprising destination for travel lovers. The city is an elite mix of traditional and cosmopolitan charm. Also referred as green state the city is rich in natural beauty those include beautiful landscapes, lush gardens and parks. The city though situated on a desert but with time it has completely changed. Other than traditional buildings the state houses some of the marvelously constructed tallest skyscrapers.

From tourism point of view there are number of places to explore around. Some of the popular sightseeing in Abu Dhabi includes White Fort Heritage Village, Khalifa Park, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Cultural Foundation, Liwa Oasis, Al Ain Museum and The Corniche. Abu Dhabi has 200 islands that offer some of the most scintillating beaches for travelers to explore.

For accommodation facility Abu Dhabi boast of having some of the best five star properties and most of them are located in the beach front. The Hotel’s in Abu Dhabi with its business and conference centers is ideal for corporate travelers. However the style and elegance of a particular hotel makes a memorable holiday for a traveler

Al Diar Abu Dhabi hotels provide 24-hour room service, pickup facility, spa, swimming pool and gym facility to the guests. The luxury hotel rooms features modern amenities that include CD, DVD players, wireless Internet access and flat-screen televisions. Dubai city has very limited budget or affordable hotels. Although price is less but they possess facilities almost equivalent to the international standards. Thus travelers have enough option to choose from best accommodation facility when on tour to Abu Dhabi.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Budget Hotels in Abu Dhabi furnish Exceptional Experiences for their guests

Abu Dhabi is no outsider in offering comfortable, debauched sojourn and they encompass some of the most marvelously selected hotel in the world. The grand hotels of the world are dishonorable for their decoration, constantly elevated standards, magnificent locations and concentration to detail. If this is the way of life you pledge to then you are supposed to enclose a glance at what extraordinary considerations lodging in Abu Dhabi has to proffer its tourists.

Grateful to its astonishing past and a present that is prosperous in exuberance and passion - Abu Dhabi offers its guests a range of destinations to be discovered, occasions to be experienced, traditions to be familiar with and natural magnetisms to admire.

Hotel Al Diar is an attraction of an exclusive Al Diar 3 star hotel in Abu Dhabi whose fashion and excellence expands from the constructions unforgettable structural design right down to its crockery. Everything in the Hotel Al Diar is selected for its category and sophistication and the hotel shrieks luxury at affordable rates.
Unwinding in the spa and conduct rooms or exercising in the gym and taking pleasure in the sports activities are all obtainable in this hotel. Al Diar also furnishes its visitors "middle eastern lavishness" and the opportunity to loosen up in entirety of stillness and purely get pleasure from their tarriance. The hotel endows guests with the anticipated limousine pickup, 24-hour room service, swimming pool, spa and gym; it is a place oasis in the wilderness of a contemporary city.

Making reservation in advance is prudent and if you can, endeavors to hold back a seat to witness the twilight City illuminations. A pre-dinner drinks bar is accessible and visitors are expectant to decide their lavender from the restaurant wine cave.